About Me

I grew up in Tirana, Albania, and looking back, for as long as I can remember, art has always
captivated my attention. Without a doubt, I can say my love for art did not come to me by chance. It was seeded in my soul by my beautiful parents. I vividly remember watching my father play music and listening to my mother sing daily. Art has always been all around me, and I’ve always perceived it as a way of expressing one’s true self. When I discuss art, I do not only imply visual art. In my opinion, it does not matter if you express yourself through a stroke of a brush or notes of music. I believe we are all creative human beings, and it just comes down to having the courage to express ourselves in the ways that come uniquely to us.

On my journey, I haven’t always dared to express myself through my art. As a girl, I would feel a strong pull towards it, but it is only later in life, with maturity and a better understanding, that I fully grasp the courage and motivation to plant my emotions on a canvas. There is a specific reason why most of my paintings are based on acrylic paint. That reason is that it dries fast.

When I get this overwhelming need to express myself, the fact that it dries faster than other mediums allows me to plant my emotions on the white canvas in a way that is most authentic to me. Personally, this is a very magical process, and I feel it is crucial to paint with the momentum of my emotions in order to fully grasp the magic of the moment. Thus, I feel my art wouldn’t manifest my energy and emotions properly without this process. To me, it would completely strip the magic away from the whole experience.

As an artist, I was not always satisfied with my work, and it did not all come to me naturally. In fact, my current work results from a long journey consisting of many bad paintings paired with absolute determination and passion. This journey is also one of learning. I have grown into the artist I am by inspiring myself from the masters and consistently learning. I have learned and admire the fact that there is no strict right or wrong when it comes to art and that the definition of success is different and personal to each artist. For me, if what I create feels right and somehow can touch your soul or stir your emotions, I am satisfied and feel as though I am doing something right.



Living In

Ontario, Canada